Ovulation bracelet (Ava)


Ok ladies, so I never really post, because I just never make time to follow up and all that, but I have an honest question for y’all!

My husband and I have been together almost 6 years now married for 4 months. A little over 3 years ago i had the Mirana removed. We got pregnant within about 4 months. To our devastation it was an ectopic pregnancy... (worst experience of our lives)! Well needless to say, that was 3 years ago in March... Since, we have never used birth control of any kind, and still have not gotten pregnant.. Finally went back to the doctor and was told my Progesterone was low, so now i take a med to help with this, my doctor said I can only be on it for 3-5 months... well I’ve been on it for 3 months now and continue to get those big FAT NEGATIVES each month... needless to say I now have 2 months left, and was wondering if anyone has tried an ovulation bracelet (Ava) and if so what are you thoughts about it??? My husband and I were trying everything under the sun before we turn to fertility drugs and all that Jazz! We are getting desperate! My Poor husband has been the best through all of this! From ovulation tests to big fat negatives and all! He even dreams about me finally being pregnant!! I wake up to him rubbing my belly in his sleep! 😭😢💔💔 it breaks my heart that I can’t give him another baby. We both have kids, but not together. I have 2 girls and he has a son. And losing what feels like the only time I’ll ever get pregnant again is killing me inside!! So I beg, if anyone had tried it, or has some kind of experience with it please leave me some advice. Thank you all! 💜