Am I wrong?


My husband’s Aunt Jackie and Grandma are the biggest gossipers. They will talk about you if you’re in the other room, thinking you can’t heard them. It’s been done to me our whole 11 year marriage. But I’ve never said anything because I’m a bigger person. Aunt Jackie’s DIL has endometriosis and she tells everyone stuff she shouldn’t about it.

I’m scheduled to have a diagnostic laparoscopy done on May 2nd to look for infertility and pelvic pain. My husband asked me if I want to tell them anything because we help take care of Grandma. I told him no. Absolutely not. They don’t need to know anything. I don’t want them talking about me. He asked “do you want me to just tell them you’re having a female procedure and nothing else?” And I said no. He can tell them while I’m under or after the surgery is over.

I know he’s concerned with them trying to get me to do stuff while I’m recovering. I’m anxious enough about the procedure and I don’t need to worry about them any more than I have to.

Am I wrong?

(ETA hubby is on my side. Just wants to do best by me)