Not so birth story.


I don't have a birth story just yet. .

We went in for a trial run last night as this is my first child and we thought it may have been time!

*****Guys, contractions were text book and when we pulled into our driveway a STORK flew over our house!!!!!!!!!!!***** 😳

Literally. And I've NEVER seen one here ever before.

So we went in, and as we had promised, we called to let our immediate families know.

I, way too subtle, asked that maybe we call after I got looked at. That way not everyone had to come out if it was a false alarm.

They showed up. All of them.

And when they did, they walked right into my room 5 seconds after we had been told they would watch me for a bit then check again, but more then likely there wouldn't be a baby that night.

So my eyes apparently screamed "get out" because they went to the waiting room.

For the most part I have a very understanding family! But I was so overwhelmed and so embarrassed that I just wanted to hide under a rock. They did not get that. . . My nurse then informed us that they have an open hospital policy. Meaning, whatever I say they will force. If I don't want anyone in there, that is suddenly hospital policy. If I dont mind but would like privacy while being checked or pushing. Hospital policy. If I'm fine with visitors but want time to rest. BOOM. Visiting hours are over for now.

After last night we learned so much!

Definitely learned to be thankful for open hospital policies!!!