I need advice, a friend )':

I'm 6 months pregnant, babys father is denying the baby when I lived with him 2 years & never left his house without him. (He's full of crap) I asked for help once. he now has a new girlfriend & there getting married already within talking 5 months lol. Oh well no hate. My mom tells me I need to talk to him for the baby's sake but I feel as if I'm just going to annoy him & think I want him back. I don't want to mess up his new relationship he deserves happiness. Plus he denied the baby so once he said that I never looked for him again . We talked once threwout the whole 6 months I don't want to put him on child support all I want is for him to do his part. Watch his baby buy him things. I won't ask him for a dollar.. I'm so confused . I just want what's best for my child. I feel depressed thinking he won't have his dad around like me , & my family wants to say comments like " wow repeating cycles hu" " imagine how your baby is going to feel when they see his friends having a happy family & all he will have is you" it breaks my heart I never wanted this to happen he always treated me good all these years.. idk what happened. I'm just depressed over not wanting my son to feel that type of pain & abandonment.

( sorry that this is so long. I need to vent. -