i don’t know..

Just a few of my bad experiences..

1. My stepdad used to be abusive from 7-15.

2. I had a boy tell me they wanted to rape me (12/13)

3. I had a boy who was into me and very touchy, he even was touchy in class and i got in trouble once for yelling at him. (12/13)

4. I had a boy grab my ass in class and deny it (12/13)

5. I had a boyfriend who was groping me in front of all my friends when I told him to stop (14/15)

6. I was at a party intoxicated when one of my sisters friends either grabbed or slapped my ass (16)

Now i’m 16 almost 17 and I have an amazing boyfriend who I love. I’m learning to move past these bad experiences and my boyfriend only knows of my stepdad being abusive in the past ( he doesn’t know much ) and the guy grabbing/ slapping

my ass at a party because we were talking. It’s just hard to open up about these things because in a way I feel like i’m overreacting and nothing bad happened really..