Need to vent and get advice be as honest as possible

I’ve been with my

Current partner for 1 year now

And I was a model prior

To being with him but he expressed that he didn’t like it so I stopped it

Long story short we have been trying for a baby and he has said numerous times that he wants to be a dad so I went off the pill and have been for months now

Again long story short tonight we had a fight we were mucking around pushing each other and all and I said stop playfully ( kicking me and then he cracked it when we tried to have a joke with him so he annoyed me it’s ok for him to punch and pinch and what not but when the roles are revered he doesn’t like it so. Then he pissed me off and he started carrying on then goes I hope my baby isn’t inside you

He tore me to pieces I’m so confused and absolutely hurt right now so I lost it crying and angry as fuck I try and talk to him and he goes I don’t no about us our relationship is a dud recons that I control him and what not which is far from the truth

Then he starts on a whole new topic and goes I wanna be able to go to the gym and all and go out anywhere but he said he said it’s me that doesn’t allow that but I’ll be honest all I think when he goes out is cheating I don’t no what it is I never used to be like this ever with anyone even when I’ve had absolute stunners as my partner at the time it’s only been since I’ve been dating him that I’m like this

Please help ladies