Feeling frustrated and confused.


So I went for a transvaginal scan last week due to having some abdominal pains a few months ago and was feeling paranoid and worried that me and my husband can't conceive(we have been trying for 7 months. Well at my scan the woman said she saw something that looks like a sac but she doesn't know for sure. She said it might not be or it could be but maybe I'm in the early stages of preg but need to go see a doctor for hcg blood test and if it comes back negative I need to go back for another scan.

So I had a blood test Friday. Decided today to ring on the off chance my results are in

The receptionist said the doctor wants to talk to me and wants to do a phone consultation next Wednesday as it not an emergency.she didn't tell me what my results said just that the doctor wants to speak to me and will do next week so I still don't know what's going on and feeling frustrated. I'm not due on my period for another 7 days. I've had light bleeding this morning so not sure what's going on with my body.