Cycle day 13 appointment


I have mild PCOS- and on metformin, prednisone and letrozole (famera), Ive had 4 successful cycles of confirmed ovulation, and now on the 5th month.

I went in for cycle day 13 scan today and she said it was the best scan yet! She said lining was 1.7- not sure what that means but she seemed to like that number. Then she first saw a 21mm follicle on the left and said I would probably ovulate in the next couple of days.. then she went to the right and saw a 23mm follicle and said actually I would probably ovulate from that side.

She said, y’all get busy today and over the next few days and use preseed (husband has slightly low morphology so she recommends this to help the most sperm get to where they need to go.

As she was leaving the room she said ‘I can’t tell you how pleased I am at the scan results... again, this was the best scan we’ve seen since we’ve been working with you’.

For some reason I got in the car and just cried, thanking God for another chance to try this month. I know it takes time and patience and we’re going on 15 months of trying (but really 5 months of being able to try as nearly a year was anovulatory and before the PCOS diagnosis).

I don’t know why I’m sharing all this news from the appointment, but it just was a pick-me-up I needed to know us gals with PCOS— with the right doctors, the right medicine and the right lifestyle, we have a chance!

To all my cysters on here, baby dust to you- lets hope this month is our month!