Good vibes please!


Hey everyone!! Sorry for the long post butttt... need some good words .

So yesterday was a scary day for me. I had to go in for an emergency ultrasound due to some spotting and achy cramps I was having. They we're able to see the gestational and yolk sack and a itty bitty white speck that the tech said might be a baby. I also have a cyst 2cm on my right ovary which is the side I ovulated on. Cysts are normal for me bc I have pcos. That was really all they would say, including my dr so the only comfort I got was seeing our tiny speck.

The reason I even called the Dr about the spotting was that morning I was telling my husband that I just didn't feel pregnant anymore. (Crazy I know) I should have been 6 weeks yesterday but the ultrasound put me at 5 wks 4 days. My next one is on 4/29. My symptoms come and go alot. Today they were here for sure 😂

I'm desperately trying to stay positive and I definitely feel more pregnant today than yesterday. Even my pants have been steadily getting tighter but I'm just so scared! We have tried for 5 years and struggled with fertility problems for both of us. Every ache and pain and cramp I get scares the living daylights out of me. I also think that once we tell our parents I'll feel a little better bc I won't be keeping something to myself and trying to not make it such a big deal when obviously it is! We might tell them after the 29th depending on how the scan goes.

Any tips for getting through this next week for the ultrasound and the first trimester would be greatly appreciated!