Finally left this asshole after 3 1/2 years!

Sooo back in December I finally left this asshole I was dating for 3 1/2 years!

He was emotionally abusive, always telling me he wished that my sister and mom got his by a bus, never let me go out with friends, and if I did I couldn’t stay out past a certain time. { like he was my damn dad}

All 2018 I was MISERABLE! I thought he was going to change but NEVER did! He would for a month or less but then BAM back to the same old BS. So after I left him he would be all sweet, then I wouldn’t react then he would get mad and blame it all on me, then I wouldn’t react again and then he would cuss me out saying I’m going to turn out just like my mom. I blocked him on everything so he would reach out to my family and beg them to talk to me. Plus, he started emailing me LMFAO. I KNEW if I went back it’d be the same old shit.

So I’m posting this because maybe someone on here needs this, YOU CAN DO IT! If you’re not happy, get the hell out of there! They’re NOT going to change. I waited a whole year for him to change (because he wasn’t like this in the beginning) and he never did. Here I am almost 5 months later and my mental health has been the best it has ever been. I feel so released and amazing. I’m now dating someone else and honestly this is what I’ve been searching for in a man, and my friends and family have seen a HUGE change in me and they LOVE IT!!!!

So ladies, if you’re on here looking for advice and thinking they’re going change they’re not. I’m sorry to break it to you, but they’re not.

The man I left started going to church and got baptized and has told me numerous times he’s changed, but still emails me and cusses me out and talks shit about my friends and family. At this point, I think it’s hilarious because he thinks he’s hurting my feelings. He’s also 4 years older than me and says I need to grow up....

But anyways, YOU CAN DO IT‼️❤️

And I’m posting this anonymously but if you need advice because you’re stuck like I was. I got you girl💕