Pre term labour??

32 weeks pregnant:

Severe lower back pain, nausea and no appetite. Menstrual-like cramps and tightening on my stomach.

A few people I’ve asked say preterm labour. Others say it’s completely Normal. I didn’t have any lower back pain like this and my Braxton Hicks were not this painful with my first pregnancy.

What do you think!? I’m waiting for the clinic to open so I can go get a referral for an OB (long story short- moved across the country and don’t have one anymore)


Been at the hospital for 2 hours; cervix is closed but the machine has detected my contractions. Baby’s heart rate is all over the place. Running some swab tests- blood test- and monitoring me for another hour.

Doesn’t look like preterm labour which is good but since I had a large dog land on my stomach with his front paw they want to make sure baby is ok.