wtf just happened TMI topic

So I am 9DPO, had what i would say was pretty clear implantation 2 days ago, which it had the same IB spotting with baby #1.

I never had Acid Reflux with #1, and this time i haven’t had much symptoms besides gas, little cramps, creamy cm for 7 days straight, but not sure about that “symptom” because you can’t really use your cm as a “symptom” and i just woke up like an hour ago to throwing up in my mouth, with the disgusting horrible burning feeling in my throat!

Maybe I should test tomorrow morning just Incase? Thoughts? Comments?

We have been TTC #2 for almost 2 years in June with 1 MC we stopped “trying” about 2 months ago, because it was getting to overwhelming so we just decided to see if it would happened on God’s time.

Thank you!!

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