Success potty training lol


Ok I have to share since this is going so well. So after my daughter turned 2 and before we tried potty training with a treat and stickers but she didn't really want to use the potty. So we just started potty training again at 2 1/2 but this time I told her every time she went potty she could give the dog a treat and get a treat herself, so we put kn a dress with no bottoms and since saying that she has not had any problems she pees all the time in the potty and after a day she started pooping in the potty too and wears panties too. When we are out she keeps her diapers dry, the only time we have had a wet diaper is when she had a nap which is fine. Had to share since its definitely working for us maybe it will help someone else too šŸ˜‰