Dreading my In laws visiting

My in laws are coming to visit us next weekend and I am dreading it (it's even making me anxious). My MIL has informed my husband that she will be holding our little one the entire time she is here. I told him he better let her know she cannot hold her while she is sleeping (took us a long time to get her to nap in a bassinet/crib). I also told him that I will be stepping in after a while so that I can hold my child. He told me I can't be mean to his mom. I told him wanting to hold my own child is not being mean. I'm a first time mom and still adjusting. Not to mention our little one doesn't like being held all the time. She likes to play on her playmat or in her pack n play. I am fine with her holding our little one (as well as the rest of our family) but after an hour or so I start to get anxious and want her back. I'm dreading her coming now because she is the type to make things about her so I know she will have some comment when I ask to hold my child. When they visited us in the hospital the day we had her she held her the entire 3.5 hours she was there. Only giving her to me for 20 minutes to feed her. Anyone else get anxiety when other people hold their child for long periods of time? Or dread their in laws or their parents visiting?