4 a.m. Rant


Small rant here at 4 in the morning. After a long day of celebrating Easter a day early with my family we got home exhausted with our almost 3 week old daughter. My husband decided that he needed a break after working that morning and then all of our festivities that followed. I completely understood and he helped me get the little one to bed before he left to go "have a beer or two" at the bar. This was around 9. I closed my eyes while I could. Well our daughter was up again at 11:30 so I got up feed, rocked pumped breast milk and finally got her settled back in around 1:15 and was settling back down myself when my husband cams home at 1:30.

Now he gets home drunk, horny as hell and having no concept of how tired I already am starts promising a back massage for a small 'sexual favor' which of course quickly escalated (as much as you can do 2 1/2 weeks post partum from a c-section) so then it's 2:30 and baby girl starts stirring looking for attention. Husband then falls asleep while feeding her and i have to take over and get her back to bed again. Got another hour of sleep just to have to get up with her again at 3:30 change diaper, pump, and try to get her back to sleep. We have church in the morning for Easter service plus holiday activities with his family. And I never got my fricken back massage.. This is bullshit. Thanks for listening, I just had to vent this out.