College advice. I’m dying

Can you get kicked out of college for having a low 2.0 by the end of the semester? I’m in nursing right now and I dread it. I want to change my major it’s not for me. It’s so boring & difficult. Its my first year and I am a mess. I hate anything that surrounds the thought of nursing now. I never wanted to do it but my parents forced me into it. I’m terrible at science. I failed chemistry first semester but passed psychology. 2nd semester I have anatomy lecture & lab and I’m on the verge of failing both. I don’t have a scholarship. I pay out of pocket. I work so I’ve been busy I have a bunch of assignments due today and I just feel like I’m going to take a L because I can’t finish all of it before the deadline. I’m 18 ik I have time but college is kicking my ass right now. I wish I had another option. I just know if I get kicked out my parents will never stop cursing me out and they’ll call me a loser etc. I was looking into business or maybe psychology but I don’t want anything to do with science. This is so difficult I no longer know what I want to do. Help pls