Can’t contain my excitement!


PCOS has taken over my life the last few years, gone through 2 miscarriages, more doctors appointments than I count, poking, prodding, invasive ultrasounds, blood work, crying, sleepless nights, depression, and so much more. But I’m hoping those days are going to be short lived, for the first time in over 3 years my body IS GOING to ovulate! With the help of provera and Clomid, but still!

Only took 50mg of Clomid this month, but hoping god will bless us with the baby we have been praying for! ❤️

I know the ovulation test isn’t positive yet, but in the next couple of days it will be. The lines are darker in person.

And I just have to throw in the second picture, my fiancé has been so supportive of this entire process and always has had my back. Last week he got all of our “baby making stuff” together and emptied out HIS drawer in our storage thing in the bathroom and put it all in there. So it’s all together for me to use. 🥰 couldn’t be more thankful for how wonderful he is 💕 been together since I was 16 and we just had our 6 year anniversary, aren’t married yet. But been planning for awhile! 🤗💍