NEED ADVICE: What are good jobs to work in college?


Hi guys! I’m 17 years old and a senior in high school(only weeks away from graduation)!!! I’m super excited to go to college for nursing and my goal is to become an RN. For my first 2 years I am planning on attending a community college. My first thought was living at home through community college but the school I am going to is like 40 min away. I feel like all that driving back and forth is going to add up quickly on my gas bill. I’m almost thinking that it would be better to rent an apartment nearby campus. But what’s a good job for college students that allows flexible hours and enough money to rent an apartment? I have definitely considered getting roommates to live with me and help cover the bills. So should I live at home and make the drive back and forth constantly or should I rent an apartment near campus??? And what jobs did you work in college??? Were you able to live on your own?