I dont want to go through with it...


Hello ladies. This morning I delivered my son at 3:53am and today I am/was 28 weeks pregnant so he will be a NICU baby for just about 12 weeks.

So early on in my pregnancy I was discussing adoption as for how young I am and everything and kinda just putting facts out there towards why I couldnt be a mom right now.

After going through 5 hours of labor and just knowing how horribly painful it was(contraction wise) I couldnt even imagine giving him up and later deciding on more kids or not. My plan is to not have anymore but idk. Part of me feels like giving him up will be a mistake because I really really dont want to go through that again but at the same time i feel like hes better in adoption.

I was warned once seeing him you'd want to keep him but I'm nervous now. The baby daddy wants me to continue with the adoption and absolutely hates that I backed out after talking about everything and what's not. I'm not sure how the Ohio laws work but if the guy wants you to continue with adoption after signing off his rights, because even tho the adoption thing was my idea I do have a right to back out and do what I think is best but does he have a right to make me proceed with the adoption? 😔 Me and the father of my child arent together.