Ever fell for someone super fast?

I was on Tinder just messing around and saw this guy that caught my attention for some reason. He wasn't like a model or anything just looked very humble and cute.

I swiped right, he super liked, and we started texting. I gave him my number and we started texting about actual interesting things not just "hey wyd". The next night he called me and we talked from 12am to 6am I just felt like I've known him forever.

The next day I went to his place and when I got there he had dinner he made for me like what??? Then I ended up sleeping over and it was my first time sleeping with someone and It was the best sleep I've ever had in my life ❤ It was like I've never felt a connection like this before he just made me feel so safe.

A few days later we went to the waterfront and it was so romantic. We ate out and I had so much fun talking to him, even with my ex I just had a hard time talking like that I'm a little shy but with him time goes by so fast.

The small things that make my heart happy like him kissing my head and how he cuddles, he asks questions and makes sure I'm happy. I've only known him like a week 😭 hes been here for a month he just moved here so he was looking for friends but he told me last night how happy he was he found me and idk I don't wanna be stupid but the first day I met him I felt something different .