Coordinate Tattoo.

Sabrina • Leo 🌞 Aries 🌛 Aquarius⬆️

I recently fell in love with coordinate tattoos and feel that they're super personal. I've been mulling over this design in my head and drawing it out several times and have finally come to something I can for sure love forever.

Sun and Moon coordinates for specific date, time and places that have significance. The first one is where my boyfriend and I met in person. The other two are for possible children we may have. I love the little script I have down at the bottom. The first part of it is from Christina Perri's song 'A Thousand Years' and the last part is from Game of Thrones (Danerys and Khal Drogo called each other their 'sun, moon and stars')

We do plan on marrying each other in the future and I won't be getting it for awhile either. I just wanted to jot down the idea before I lost it.

I hope y'all at least think the idea is sweet and won't be too harsh.