Leftover Hormones???

***Update 2***

First morning test came back negative! Thank goodness because idk how I’d manage having 3 under 1!!😅


***Update 1***

Retested tonight and same result, very faint line that didn’t show up until the 3 minutes were almost up. I’ve got one test left so going to recheck with first morning urine. It’s so faint I’m thinking just leftover hormones from the twins...a


Soo, kind of a long story... I had twins 9.5 weeks ago, I’m exclusively pumping for them. I started the mini-pill at 6 weeks postpartum but haven’t been great about taking it at the same time everyday and have missed a couple days..because twins🙈. My husband and I had sex with a condom a few times before I started the pill and once or twice with the pull out method after I started it.

I haven’t gotten my period back yet since having the twins and I’ve been having mild cramps for about a week (kept thinking aunt flow was coming back!) then today I’ve just been slightly nauseous but also starving at the same time. So I took a first response this afternoon and at the very end of the 3 minute window a very faint positive line showed up. I’m wondering if it’s just leftover hormones taking a little longer to get out of my system since I had twice the hormones.

I know all I can do is wait and retest but has anyone else had anything similiar happen? Were you pregnant or was it just leftover hormones?