19+2 with shortened cervix- advice?

Nicole • Mama to Matilda

I had my anatomy scan today, and our baby girl is 100% awesome. However, the tec informed me that I have a shortened cervix- measuring 2.5cm when they like to see 3cm minimum. He stressed that it was NOT incompetent, just short. It is firmly closed. I then had to have an internal infrasound done to double check, and the measurement stayed the same at 2.5cm. He called my midwife personally since it was after business hours, and she said to call her in the morning to come in. The tec said she will send me to a maternal fetal medicine doctor and listed some options: external cervical stitch, internal cervical stitch, something like a diaphragm around the cervix, progesterone suppositories, steroid shots for the baby’s lungs in case she comes early. I am a first time mom and VERY freaked out right now. Does anyone have experience with this they could share? Thank you!