I've got fired from my job back in February, which means I lost my insurance. I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant so I have to find a way to see a doctor. I called around and found luck with the crappiest plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield, but it's the bills are still expensive. My husband is busting his ass off to make sure bills are paid while I'm still job searching. However, I signed up for medicaid hoping to get coverage under the mother and infant plans, but I was one of the rare cases that got denied due to too much income.

So here I am... with almost $4k of medical debt from obgyn appointments, crappy insurance that I can't afford to pay the copays, and ineligible for medicaid because he makes too much. We're moving away and there's no local planned parenthood offices so I'm asking for any advice on how to get assistance to pay my debt off?

Update 1: to answer the questions... I can't be added to my husband's insurance until October. His job has a policy that when an event occurs (such as marriage or birth) you have 30 days to add them from the date of event or you have to wait until open enrollment. Cobra was still too expensive for us to even afford. I've asked for assistance with the hospitals and they pretty much said it wasn't guaranteed that I would get it with my husband's income, but I'm still going to try.