Asking brother to leave for when baby comes.


my brother moved in with my hubby and I after being offered a job in our city. We agreed that he could for awhile

so that he can save up some money to get his own place. I’m now pregnant and due in November. Last night he went on a rant about how he’s never going to get his own place because he won’t be able to afford it (mind you he does have a job that pays well just shitty hours ) so I just replied with how I know how it is to struggle and I know it’s hard and it’s going to be at first managing more bills but that as long as he’s smart about it, it will work out. Or even seeing about having a roommate or renting a room and his response “i can’t just live with a stranger” I do get that but I just said, we talked about this being temporary and now that the baby is coming, hes gotta try and be out for October. He got pissed at me and hasn’t talked to me since. I feel like

I’m definitely not being unreasonable and have given him more than enough time to figure something out. Another thing too that my siblings don’t seem to get is that they’ve been living this lavishing lifestyle their whole lives. I moved out when I was 18 and have been doing it on my own ever since so I know what it’s like to pay bills. And I feel like there has been times where they’ve looked down on me for not having all of this luxurious stuff they have but that’s because other than their cars and phone bills, theyve never had to pay rent and everything else that comes with it. And he complains that paying us $400 on top his bills is “too much” not saying that we

Charge him too much just saying how he struggles to pay his bills. He’s going to get a rude awakening when he starts looking for a place if that’s too much of thin! I don’t want to see him struggle but at the same

Time will he ever learn if he doesn’t? It wasn’t until last year that my hubby and I finally started to live comfortably and we literally just bought our first car! And for my brother to act like we’re the aholes and that we don’t know what it’s like to struggle?🤦🏼‍♀️ sorry for the rant, just don’t know what to do!