What should I do ?

Okay so I’m 19 years old turning 20 soon I graduated high school I got pregnant at 16 gave birth at 17 and graduated at 17 my son came out with a lot of special needs he has delays problems he got chromosomal abnormalities he doesn’t walk yet has a g-tube but i love my son no matter what . & I was with my son father for 3 years but he wasn’t no good for me so I left him . He wasn’t around for the baby he always wanted me to take care of him and I told no that he’s not my child for me to be giving him money all the time . So he starting cheating on me and etc so I got tired and left he’s ass he 18 years old with 3 kids . He not around for my son or he’s other son but decided to be with he’s 3rd baby mama who does nothing but control him and etc and he doesn’t see he’s boys because suppostly she always got he’s phone and she doesn’t let him go nowhere unless she with him. but anyways he ain’t shit so karma will come there way. And as soon as me and my baby father separated a lot of bad stuff started happening to me Cps got involved because they receive an anynomous phone call of someone saying so much lie about me. My son been taken out of my care since 2018 and cps since they got him all they do is tell me that I’m young that I should put him up for adoption and etc but I ain’t giving up . But I just found out I’m pregnant and I am scare that they use this against me and not give my baby back to me . Or they try to take this one from me to I’m due in December. What can I do so they don’t take this baby from me and FYI they don’t know I’m pregnant yet and what can I do to get my son back? . I been doing everything cps ask me to do but they keep trying so I don’t get my son back.