1st birthday party

🍍CrispyyJules🍍 • C Section warrior and EBF to my sweet boy 7/11/18 💙

I’m so upset! We were planning my 7/11 baby’s 1st birthday on 4th of July because my husband starts working 7 days a week on the 5th. Anyways we were just planning a small get together with our immediate families because we don’t have any parent friends in the area. I already spoke to our families and had talked about a BBQ and then doing a fireworks after party in the street. The after party would have just ended up being my BIL, SIL and their kids (my sons only cousins) well my SIL is saying now that they won’t be coming because they are going out of town with her siblings and their kids. Wtf? She always has put her family first and now my son is getting the shaft. I had always feared this and now it’s happening. It breaks my heart. He won’t remember this, but I will. And I know this won’t be the last time she puts her family before us. So now I’m just thinking of canceling because half our guests are now not coming. Am I wrong to be upset and cancel it? I mean it would just be our parents, my sister and my husbands aunt at this point. I feel like we could just do something individually now with his grandparents.