TMI. TTC! Is this a good sign or nah?

So, I am 8dpo & my cycle is not due for another 9 days. My husband and I had sex and I didn’t get up to pee immediately afterwards. As I was lying in bed, I started having some very intense cramping (like AF). So, I got up & went to the restroom.

When I wiped, I noticed that I was spotting lightly (not on any BC btw). Now, we have been having sex for 12 years and this has never happened & the sex was no rougher than it normally is.

The spotting occurred for a short period (picture below). I peed twice and showered and I was still lightly spotting. The next time I went to the restroom it had ceased.

The cramping lasted a while though (for a few hours) & the cramping radiated to my back.

Could these be signs of implantation or is it likely due to us having sex?