What the hell!?

Taylor • 07.05.19💙

Ok this is somewhat of a tmi question..

So I know there is this thing called second trimester constipation. I’m now on my third trimester (almost 30 weeks) and I do struggle with IBS so I do know what it’s like to have PAIN. But through pregnancy I’ve been ok, until recently. A few times I’ve went to go to the bathroom and it’s so hard to actually go I feel like I sit there forever, and the pain in my stomach literally feels like I’m going to give birth (which I mean... I’m hoping it’s not much worse then that pain because damn)

Seriously to the point I have to stand up and sorta just wait things out, but I’m not really constipated or anything lol.. am I going crazy what’s going on with my body. My back has been killing me and I just want this baby outtttt.

Anyone go through this?