Sexually assaulted/harassed????


Ok so I’m going to make the story short. I had this maths tutor let’s call him Gary and I used to go to his house and get maths tutoring from him and at the beginning he just used to call me pretty n that which I was a little bit weirded out by because he’s 67 and I was 13/14 but I just brushed it off. But the more I went the more handsy he got, he would touch my inner thighs and stomach. Once I lifted my arms up to put my hair up and he touched my waist and hips and just made a noise like “oooohhh” and the last time I went to him was when he hugged me and grabbed my bum and touched my lips and said “you have lovely soft lips”. Now this has all messed my head up because I won’t let anyone touch my stomach because it makes me think of him and I usually have a panic attack. I still see him every time I go to church and he smiles at me.

But the question is, is this sexual assault/harassment????