3 weeks

Bianca • TTC with baby 👶 #1

Just found out I’m pregnant three days before expected period and I’m scared and nervous . I just don’t want to stress about anything cause of my baby. My mom will be disappointed because I’m supposed to be her angel and she compares me to other ppl kids and they fact that they aren’t pregnant she will be embarrassed but I graduate college this year I found a better job working at anthem I’m just scared to tell her. I just need to hurry and find a apartment before i Start showing. She was mad at first when my sister was pregnant at 23 but grown to love her grandchild but since I’m like a angel to her idk if it will be different. I’m 24 about to be 25 in September and I just want a healthy pregnancy no stress or nothing. My emotions are crazy I just wanna cry but I don’t want my mom asking why I’m crying so I have to keep my emotions to myself