How would you feel

So my fiance tells me he's horny and I've been waiting for him to say that, I've been horny for 2 weeks waiting for him to get in the mood but I'm 10 weeks pregnant and the one night he's horny I feel awful. He understands so we go to bed. I wake up at 4 in the morning to him in the bathroom masturbating. I dont care if he does but I've been wanting to have sex for ages and now I'll have to wait longer for him to get back into the mood. He just lost his job and I'm a stay at home mom so he is always home, I never get a chance to masturbate myself so I just wait, and wait and even if we have sex sometimes he finishes so quickly I dont get to orgasm and I'm stuck waiting longer. I'm sick of him masturbating, just fuck me! Ugh I just wanna cum!

Edit: everytime I say I want sex he says he's tired, not in the mood, busy, etc