Faint lines and BFP's ❗❗❗❗


Ladies, faint lines belong in the faint lines group and BFP's in announcements or ANY OTHER group on glow!! Be considerate in making this a safe space for those of us struggling that don't feel strong enough to see other people's positive tests. It's not about people not being happy for you, but this isn't the place to post it. Some ladies here have had losses, still births, miscarriages or have been struggling to conceive and the rule that no BFP's are meant to be posted here is meant to ensure that those who use this board have a safe place. Every time I come on this board it's flooded with BFP's and faint lines and it's makes it hard to even come on here. Let's be considerate of the rules so everyone that need to use this room can do so without feeling triggered.