Daddy finally felt movement😍

Sky • Happily Married 💍. One 👼🏻. One 🌈👶🏻. And Expecting Another 🤰🏻.

I have been feeling our little girl move around for a while now. I am more sure it’s her now and not gas bubbles 😉. I have been patiently waiting since 16ish weeks for my husband to be able to feel her and he was able to last night and this morning. It is so reassuring to feel that hand or foot make a blow to my insides (never thought I’d say that 😆). This is our Rainbow Baby and we are so excited that she is growing just as she should. Praising God for a sticky little bean and continued growth! I can’t wait for that crazy alien looking belly when she takes her hand or foot right down my belly and we get to see it. So proud of our growing little girl! I just had to share! Here’s a picture of us from Easter, I love my little family!