My husband and I decided that this year we would start to try for a baby!

End of February we found out we were expecting! And three days later, March 1st we had a miscarriage.

I decided over April to not actively try for a baby (though the doctor said we could) until after my next period.

That came and went. And honestly, due to my husbands and mine incompatible work schedules at the time (he worked 8-4 and I worked 2-1030) we baby danced twice during my fertile period this month so I wasn’t expecting anything.

Well day before yesterday I noticed I was peeing a lot. And yesterday I was peeing ALL THE TIME! So this morning I took a pregnancy test and......POSITIVE!!!!!!!!

I’m still in shock. Excited and a little scared and nervous. But excited. Last pregnancy I didn’t get a BFP until 3 or 4 days after AF was due. This time she ain’t due until the weekend! And last time I was hella spotting up to and past the BFP (right up until it became the miscarriage) where this time I had a tiny bit of spotting on like Sunday and nothing since.

I’m praying this little Rainbow stays around!