Sister in law rant!

I don’t know what group this belongs in. But here I go.

Background story: my sister in law has a child who is 4 years old. She isn’t with the father, and he’s not really around. She just recently got an apartment. Before her apartment she was living with her father and then he had to kick her out due to her drug and alcohol abuse. She was then homeless. Her mother gave her the money she needed for an apartment and has been struggling to maintain keeping it since.

She does work, but due to her addiction she’s always struggling. I watch her daughter full time. Monday-Friday from 6am to 5:30 pm since the daughter was 4 months old. Half the time, my husband and I have to send food home with her so that her daughter can eat. I support the child with clothes and shoes and even throw all the birthday parties for her. The child didn’t even receive a Christmas gift from the mother this year, but her mother was able to get a tattoo? Yes, CPS is involved.

So, my sister in law has been sleeping with ( not dating ) a guy for almost 2 years now. He is also an alcoholic who has multiple grown children that he doesn’t have a relationship with, can’t hold a job for more than a couple months and has to house hop because he doesn’t have anywhere to live. When they are together they drink. They are both EXTREMELY violent with each other when drinking and it’s terrifying.

Recently, my sister in law was arrested for assault and battery while under the influence as well.

Okay. So this morning she drops her daughter off to me and tells me she’s pregnant.

WHAT THE HELL. She can’t take care of herself or the child she has. And the father... well. Must I say anymore?

I don’t know what to do or say. I’m just... i don’t even know.....

Rant over. 😒