Bad Dreams


So last night I’m having such a beautiful dream it was me and my kids An husband playing with my belly guessing what I’m having we were all laughing and what not then next thing I wake up to use the bathroom. As I’m walking back to my bed I’m thinking I hope I can fall back to sleep An finish this dream. I was smiling and everything all in La La land in my head then Low and behold I went into a nightmare this lady was attacking me trying to kill me so somehow I had a knife and was jabbing her in her abdomen blood oozing everywhere then I slice her in her neck and she just wouldn’t die like I’m running and she’s running after me like a cheetah I’m stumbling like in the movies breathing hard then wake up like WTF was that 👀👀!!!! This isn’t the first time this has happened I either have great dreams or really bad ones this isn’t my first pregnancy either so this has happened before I just want to know why all the bad dreams when babies are blessings what does the dreams have to do with anything lol ?