Advice, should I be annoyed with him?

Having baby shower may 25th at house. It's a ladies brunch, something small. I'll be 34 weeks pregnant. The shower isn't coed so told SO he can go to bar with any friends and I'll get round of drinks for them if that's what he wants to do since it's a ladies only event. (granted we had a coed shower planned that was in Maryland that was supposed to be this Saturday that his best friend/sister was planning but it's cancelled - long story).

Instead of going to bar he tells me he's going to either go to Texas or West Virginia bc his co-workers are having parties and since he can't be at the shower he'll just go to one of those places for the weekend... Am I wrong to be mad?

I'm annoyed bc he's already going to be gone for a week the second week of June when I'll be 37 weeks pregnant. Not trying to be emotional but over feeling alone during this pregnancy bc he's been gone a lot for work and I just been dealing with it bc it's work.

But choosing to be gone for a weekend due to a shower that's only a couple hours is ridiculous to me bc if he wants to stay at the house during shower he can. He has a whole man cave!

I'm so annoyed. Would you be?