Marriage arguments


So I picked my husband up today a little late due to doing 5 thousand things today (errands) so he was mad at me and then he found out that the laundry that I did some of it was a little wet and then he told me he wanted the key to the new place we were moving into and I didn’t realize he wanted it “now, now” and then he told me other stuff that I didn’t realize and went off on me and made a big dramatic yelling/swearing argument about it saying I should “know him” and that I don’t “know him” at all. He tells me he’s sick of me explaining myself/making excuses and that that when he went away to train for his job it wasn’t long enough. I don’t know what to do anymore because I do everything for him and it’s not ever good enough. And now I’m back at the laundry mat fixing the “little bit wet clothes”