Trying for our last.


My husband and I have been blessed with 3 daughters. All of my girls are birth control babies so obviously none were planned. Between my second and my third we tried to plan number three and it was very stressful and overwhelming because I was not on birth control I did the whole ovulation thing and nothing seemed to work. Then our worst nightmare came true and I got pregnant and lost the baby. This was in a 4 year span. We decided to get back on birth control so we did it and a month later I found out I was pregnant. Again that leaves baby number three a birth control baby again. We want to have our last baby number 4 and again I am not on birth control so we can try to plan this one out it has been frustrating but we will keep trying I do not want to get on birth control because I don't understand why be on birth control when I'm trying to conceive but again our other three were birth control baby so I do not know what to do please keep our family in prayers and send positive vibes thank you all so much