Question about my two year olds personality?


I’m not sure if this should be a concern or not. My daughter turned two this past October so she is about 2 1/2. I’ve had her around other children but I haven’t noticed other children her age act the way she does.

She is VERY particular to the point where she gets EXTREMELY angry when something isn’t working or going her way. She’s particular about so many different things. She is particular about all of the items she goes to sleep with or carries around. She likes to have so many random little things with her and if she misplaces something or it isn’t working the way she wants she LOSES IT. Like panics and freaks tf out. Not like a cry baby cry but like a genuine panic over super tiny things.

She also is particular about her clothes and how she is dressed and how she sets things up. I can’t touch ANYTHING that is hers or set up by her (for example her little play kitchen, I can’t touch anything even if she wants me to sit there and play with her. She controls what I touch and if I move anything it brings her back to panic and stressed mode.

She gets very stressed when putting her shoes on and if she struggles to tie it or get it on her feet she flips out.

She’s very independent, hates sharing or getting her things messed with or touched by anyone, she hates if anyone sings her songs or dances to her music. She’s just always so stressed and panicked and likes to do her own thing. She’s very aggressive if things aren’t her way and I do discipline her. She’s not overly spoiled... idk is this normal two year old behavior?!