Why am I so concerned with my husbands past women?????


I really need advice because I have that heated tingly uncomfortable feeling in my chest & I’m nauseous thinking about it. My husband and I are literally best friends/soul mates & we just had our baby girl a few months ago. We don’t know each other’s body count but I knew he’d at least had a couple bc I know of like 5 past gf’s. I’m literally stupid and I think I actually like making myself sad bc I read a BUNCH of his fb messages from 4ish years ago with random girls back in his hometown/state. (Yes I know I should NOT HAVE!) ugh. But it just made me cringe so bad man like it didn’t even seem like him. Saw exchanged nudes and lots of flirting and one girl asked about past gf’s and he’d said of course he slept with girls after he broke up with his ex. Like I want to know how many but I also DEF don’t. (Please don’t judge.. I realize that I am extremely sensitive and that this is all in the past and all that matter is that he loves me...... but for the life of me I cannot shake it.)

UPDATE: it is 6 girls before me. I’m still slightly annoyed.. as any girl would be lol but I’m glad that it’s not in the double digits