My SCH story.. so much blood (a bit long)

Natasha • Angel princess born 29.04.19❤ Rainbow baby born 04.09.2020👣🌈❤

For those of you who dont know. A SCH is a subchronic hematoma or hemmorage.

So I went for an early private scan at 7+3 and got told I have some blood next to my baby's sac and it wasn't really anything to worry about. I started having some brown spotting 2 days after that, when I spoke to my midwife and showed her pictures, she thought it had drained out. I spotted for half an hour. The size of the SCH at 7 weeks was 1 by 1 cm. Fast forward to my 12 week scan and appointment. I mentioned this to my hospital sonographer and he said that there wasn't a SCH there. So me and my midwife thought it had drained. Everything was going fine up to this point in my pregnancy and even after that. So I turn 14 weeks+1 on a Saturday and wake up quite a lot of bleeding and I immediately start to panic. It was bright red blood but with no clots. This was at 5:30AM. So I woke my husband up and we went to A&E. This bleed lasted about an hour and completely stopped. After waiting for 4 hours, the doctor finally sees us and says because I've stopped bleeding, they can't do anything. So he makes me an appointment at an early pregnancy assessment unit for a scan in 2 days time. So I went home and everything was fine. Fast forward to midnight of a Monday morning when I was 14+3. This was my biggest bleed. I was sat on the toilet and it was literally dripping out of me like water. Like I was squirting out blood. I filled 3 pads in 45 minutes. It got so bad my husband called an ambulance and they were here for over an hour checking me over and I got sent to a different hospital. Again after waiting what felt like years and being so tired. I got seen. I had my blood drawn to find out the blood I was losing wasn't affecting my baby or my overall blood level. So I get sent home and that same Monday I have to go back to that hospital for the scan I was talking about. The bleeding is still really heavy at this point but not dripping. So I go for the scan expecting the worst and my baby was FINE! Heartbeat was strong and was being very active. She did look around my uterus and couldn't find anything to why I was bleeding.

Fast forward 2 weeks and 4 days. I'm still currently bleeding. Not red, but brown thick blood. At 16+5 I started passing clots that were getting bigger. Almost the size of a golf ball. I PANICKED! My anxiety was through the roof. So I phoned up my hospital and they said I needed to go in to follow procedure. I get there and the doctor does a scan and to my surprise, I have a SCH that 2 sonographers missed. Its about 5-6cm and the clots that I'm passing are from the hematoma. She thinks that because my baby is so active. That the baby actually ruptured the clot which was why I was bleeding in the first place. I had an examination and my cervix was long and closed which was a relief. The hematoma looks like its healing so it will either get re-absorbed into my body or I will continue to bleed until it's gone.

I just wanted to post this because everyone always thinks that blood, clots and spotting are all bad during pregnancy. Me and my unborn baby are living proof that bleeding isn't always bad.

Thanks for being patient and reading my post.