Who else has had these symptoms at 7dpo? PLEASE SHARE X



I’m doing everything and failing to distract myself from thinking about testing and being pregnant but this cycle it feels impossible haha! HAS ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCED THIS AND GOT BFP? 💛

So far

3-5dpo -

creamy cm drying out flaky in pants

Cramping/twinging low down on left side, tender nipples (I know that this just progesterone rise tho)

Aching/sore back but could also be I’m very active and do a lot of yoga so might just be back bend over doing it? And bundling with my nephew over Easter! 😁

5-7dpo -

Hot night sweats

Disturbed sleep

Waking up at 3, 4 or 5am to wee

Nipple tenderness gone

Still twinging on left side low down

5dpo - that night dreamt I was pregnant and trying to protect my belly

Aching/sore back still

6&7dpo -

Hot flush in face plus all symptoms as above in 5-7dpo.

7dpo -

Big temp drop on my bbt (could be implantation drop but it could also not)

Watery but cloudy cm down leg this morning after wee and we didn’t have sex last night


I know it’s too early to test but ohhh ma ghaaaaaad this is just long! I literally can’t stop thinking about it, I know I’ll know either way soon enough but I know you guys know the feeling!