Birth story


Long story! A little background info. I had a miscarriage in May 2018 at 7 weeks. My boyfriend and I were devistated and still think about that baby everyday. Having a miscarriage made me very paranoid and worried when I got pregnant again. I was so scared I’d just stop feeling kicks one day. So when I got pregnant again, my doc told me I could choose to have an induction if I want to once I’m past 39 weeks. So I had a scheduled induction for 4/20/19 at 39+6. My boyfriend and I get whatburger on the way to the birthing center then we arrive at 5am. The nurses hook me up to a mobile monitor for the baby’s heart rate and to check my contractions. According to the machine, I was having contractions before they gave me any induction medicine but I wasn’t feeling them. They started the Pitocin at 5:35 and upped the dosage, by 2 (not sure the unit of measurement), every 30 mins. I didn’t feel anything till 8:30am and it was just a couple contractions that were just strong period-like cramps.

My doc came in shortly later and said I was 5cm. The contractions picked up QUICK after that. Like so bad. I was shaking during every contraction and throwing up. The only thing that seemed to take the edge off was a cold washcloth on my forehead.

The doc came in broke my water at 9am. The nurse said she’d come check on me in 15 mins. Well, 30 mins later I ask for the epidural. My nurse came in a couple minutes later and told me the girl in the room next to me asked for an epidural 10 mins before I did, so the anesthesiologist was prepping to do hers. My nurse and doc told the anesthesiologist and the lady that my contractions picked up quick and I’m progressing very quickly so they asked if I could get the epidural first. She says no (I don’t blame her, I woulda said no too. So 45 MINS LATER, around 12. the anesthesiologist comes in and gives me mine.

Once I got the epidural, I slept for a couple hours and couldn’t feel a single thing. No contractions, no cervix checks, nothing. I was still shaking as each contraction would start and my body didn’t stop until the contraction ended. I was still throwing up too but still couldn’t feel pain. The nurse checks me after the epidural and tells me I’m at 8cm. Then she checked me at 1 and told me I was rimming (she said this meant she could still feel a tiny bit of my cervix) and just about at a 10 but they weren’t gonna have me push till I needed to cuz it’ll cut down on the push time if I wait till I need to. So around 3 she asked if I wanted to push cuz she could see the baby’s head when she checked my cervix. I told her sure but I still couldn’t feel anything. Then I pushed a few times with her then she called in my doc and I pushed for 30 mins and he was here! I didn’t feel him come out at allllll. I was terrified of feeling it but I didn’t at all. I got a 2nd degree tear, which is a harder healing process than anything else. My baby was born at 3:30pm and weighed 7 lb 10.4oz and was 20 1/4 in long. He’s so incredibly perfect and was worth the wait.