After baby weight loss !


So with my first pregnancy I started at 224 and gave birth weighing 262 so gained 38 lbs and had only gone down to 249 I had only lost 13 lbs . I gave birth January 2017.

Second pregnancy I maintained the weight at 249 and in the last 3 months I gained weight and gave birth weighing 277 gained a total of 28 lbs 😩

Here we are two weeks postpartum and I’m back down to 237🎊😊

So far I’ve lost 40 lbs total !! Almost back to my pregnancy weight with my first !! I need 13 more lbs ! But I really want to be under 200 again ! Can’t wait for this c section pain to go away and be cleared to work out so i can continue to lose more !

Where are you ladies so far ??