First birthday drama

Is it wrong to be upset because half of my family will be attending a 3rd cousins wedding over my daughters first birthday party?

I’ve had her birthday planned since July last year date set and everything (her birthday falls on a Saturday) nobody is even close to this cousin just someone we see on holidays, (they see my daughter every week for family dinners) she’s having a small wedding and she’s been with this guy for over 4yrs, just set the date last months.

My dads side is druggies and trash.

My husbands side is in PR and FL so all I have is my moms side.

They always give crap on my parents because they never celebrated birthdays or made a big deal but now they’re gonna go to a cousins wedding over their nieces FIRST birthday.

Idk maybe I’m just being dramatic because she’s my rainbow after trying for 4+ years but I feel like her first birthday is more important. I wouldn’t care if it was her 2nd or so on but it’s her first.

Edit: So I changed the time to later in the evening so family could attend both if interested. I can’t change the date because family is flying in and I’ve already paid for venue months ago I can’t cancel a week before the party I’m sure the place would give me back my money but it’s supposed to rain and I can’t find an indoor venue within price range that quick.