My boyfriemd gave me herpes

So I've known my boyfriend for 2 years. We have been together for 7 months and I am now pregnant. But a few months ago he had to go to the doctor because there's something that was on his penis he made a big deal out of it acted like he was really worried and then a few days later he said that he tested positive for herpes. I went and got tested I was clean. And then one night we were really drunk and I told him to put on a condom and he acted like he put on the condom and didn't. About a month after that I became pregnant and tested positive for herpes. I had no clue how I got it he said that he just found out. But about a couple weeks after that we were looking for his car title and I was looking through his military papers to see if it was stashed in there and I found a doctor's note they did a year ago that he tested positive for herpes it was the more fancier word for it but it still meant herpes. I was really mad at him we had a huge fight over it but still trying to find the car title he convinced me that the military did not tell him what he had that it's different when you go to that kind of doctor I still don't believe him but the damage is already done. But now I wonder if he done this to make me feel trapped ( he did not use a condom before I knew and cummed inside me almost every time we had sex when he was drunk one night he said that you wanted to get me pregnant we talked about waiting for kids ) oh and another thing is his ex is really crazy and is a nurse and she told me he had herpes when me and him first started dating but I thought that she was just trying to start drama because he has a restraining order against her and said a lot of other lies that I could prove that were lies.

I guess I'm wonderimg what you would do. Sorry if everything is out of place amd does not make sense. I'm bad at this 😂

Side note. He's really sweet and I do love him he's an amazing boyfriend.