Need help to flirt and doea he like me??

So I just moved to Germany as an exchange student. And in my class is a really good looking guy. He is 2+yrs older then I (17). I am only just turning 15. The school system is a bit different in germany. He is a bit intimidating to talk to at least, on my second day!

Anyway, my new friend was sitting with me in class and pointing out everyone in the class and telling me a bit about them. She said: " thats ___. Dont look over at him tho, He keeps looking over here alot today. " I had thought he was looking a lot over at me as well. Same as when we are eating in the dining hall for lunch.

Yea, what do I do? Does he like me??

Tomorrow,in class I think if I catch him looking I will just smile.

Tips on how to flirt with Germans??