Pregnant or ovarian cyst?!


Hey guys!

I am currently seeing a GYN about large ovarian cysts that look like they require surgery. But my husband and I also had unprotected sex at the time of ovulation. Fast forward 2 weeks and I have a handful of tests saying I’m pregnant and I’m not sure if my cyst is creating a false positive (which I know can happen if they are big enough) or if I am actually pregnant it’s baby #3.

I did a clear blue weeks indicator test thinking that if the weeks didn’t May h up to how far along I would be then it must be the cyst. I would be 4 weeks today and it says 4-5 weeks so that was no help!

I have booked a drs appointment but I can’t get in anywhere until late next week and it’s driving me insane not knowing. Does anyone have any experience with this?

** I got dizzy 2 weeks ago (around time of ovulation) and dr did a urine pregnancy test that was negative